GSoC: Midterm assessments

Yes, it’s coming up to mid-July, or, as its known to Google Summer of Code students, mid-term assessment time. This is something of a misnomer for me personally – I’m only about a third of the way through my own scheduled hours on the project, but it’s nevertheless a good time to take a step back and survey the scene.

The original project plan consisted largely of five parts: three main “phases” plus an introduction and a wrapup. At this point, I’m more or less where I should be: the introduction, phases 1 and 2 completed; phase 3 and the wrapup not yet started.

You can see what it means to say “phases 1 and 2 completed” by taking a look at this video (you may need to turn your sound up), which follows a user (me pretending to be French) translating a file into his/her own language. A wizard or guide to make the interface, which is borrowed from the Translate extension, more intuitive to newbies is in the works, as is the addition of a “color” property to help with recolouring text after translation.

Reuse onwiki for this visitor is now as simple as [[File:Picturebook 1.svg|thumb|lang=fr|Caption.]].

TranslateSvg currently supports about 76% of all translatable SVG files; once the basic import structure is complete (i.e. sometime in the next week or so), I’ll then have time to start pushing that up towards 99%.

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