GSoC update

Over the past few days I’ve been busy upgrading the parser built into TranslateSvg, such that ~87% of all SVG files with strings in them can now be translated — up from ~75% before the upgrade.

More importantly, the parser is now of a kind that could support up to 100%, whereas the old one was effectively tied to 75%.

4 thoughts on “GSoC update”

  1. It’d be interesting if you’d add a quick explanation (or some pointers for more detailed explanations) of why these coverage percentages have changed, and how they’re calculated.

  2. Hey Waldir. To answer your first question, the net effect of what was a wholesale change was the introduction of support for <tspan>s other than <text><tspan>Content</tspan></text>, which was supported under the previous parser.

    As for how I’m calculating these figures: they’re based on a sample of 10,000 SVG images, but stated as a percentage of files with one or more strings in them (~2900). In each pass, then, the 10,000 files are divided into four categories:
    * No translatable strings (a)
    * Parser doesn’t think it can pass the file (b)
    * Parser thinks it can, but screws up in an obvious way (c)
    * Parser thinks it can, doesn’t screw up in an obvious way (d)
    The figure I’m posting here is d as a percentage of b – I’m confident that the parser understands what it can and can’t translate.

    HTH, Harry

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