Oxford PPE Society

Primarily, I would regard myself as a web developer rather than a web designer: I’m more at home with a page full of Courier New than a sketchpad. That said, I’ve taken on a number of webmasterships for various Oxford societies, a role which requires one to do a little of both disciplines. This week I’ve been focussing on the design elements. Here, borrowing heavily from a template by FlashTemplatesToday, I present my first draft design for the Oxford PPE Society site:

Compared to the original, I’ve slimmed it down, redone the photograph to be more relevant to PPE, and changed the colour scheme. The good new is that the new President of the society is pleased with the end result, so I can get onto my favourite area – development – nice and quickly.

UPDATE: the design was adopted and sometime later I got round to making it into a WordPress theme, so that once I go, people will still be able to update the website.

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