Trinity College Boat Club

Another one of my projects over the summer was to redesign and redevelop the website of Trinity College Boat Club (TCBC), which organises rowing at my college. A few years ago they’d had a commercial Content Management System installed. Well, that was a bit of a failure, and no-one could remember how to use it.

Well, bye-bye proprietary system, hello WordPress. And a new flashy design (inspired by Free Web Templates but much embellished by me) with new Inkscape+Photoshop logo. Over the course of the redesign, I also made two custom plugins: one that shows the current conditions on the river in a nice flag format, and another that pulls the tweets from a given Twitter feed. And installed a load of the usual plugins as well, naturally.

Trinity College Boat Club

You can view the site in its entirety at . I’ll now be handing over to others to look after the site and keep it updated- which the last one wasn’t.

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