Alice in Wonderland

My latest web creation is a series of webpages for Alice in Wonderland, the Trinity College lawns play. It was great to work with some really strong theming: so, for example, in the screenshot below, the font, logo, playing card iconography, photography and background were all at my disposal. All I had to do was put them together!

Alice in Wonderland homepage

The rather in vogue square-box theme, while not ideal, suited me since it was relatively quick to create.I have to say, though, that I did a good job picking the colours. Though I would say that.

Other pages included a gallery which dynamically thumbnailed any images uploaded to the correct folder and ordered them by upload date (my code). Here, the MIT licensed colorbox jQuery plugin was likewise an (albeit clich├ęd) godsend. HTML <video> tags were likewise deployed to good effect, and I was impressed by how cross-browser it is these days. Inserting a Google map into the “Finding Trinity” page was another 5-minute job, though I would’ve preferred to use OSM maps, except for their continuing (rather cluttered) appearance.

Most of the coding work, then, went on the ticketing system, which interfaced with PayPal. Assisted by Austin Wellbelove, it all worked rather well, and I shall be recycling the code in future projects. The fateful decision to use flat-text files instead of a proper database was regrettable, but in the end we could just about manage. The other insight was the number of people who just exit halfway through payment: in the end, the client decided to not be too ruthless in purging them. A cookie-based basket system would help customers restart their orders and reduce database clutter of this kind (to the benefit of stock management).

Overall, I’d suggest it worked out very well in the end. Oh, and the client sold out every night, so he wasn’t complaining either…

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