Sony DR-BTN200 Overhead Bluetooth Headphones

I’m really happy with my Sony DR-BTN200 Overhead Bluetooth Headphones (currently £55 on Amazon), in particular their insane battery life. In terms of feature set, the controls are well-designed, meaning that recourse to either my phone or tablet is rare. On the flipside, the continuing problems with Bluetooth in general on Android 4.4 devices are a pain, so much so that I’m yet to trust my headphones with actually making a call. As someone who is not used to headphones, wearing them for very long periods (over an hour, say) can be uncomfortable — but a discomfort offset by not having wires all over the place.

In order to use the headphones with my PC, I bought an el-cheapo USB Bluetooth adapter. After I downloaded the right driver for it (link), it’s working nicely, although it sticks rather oddly out of the laptop, while being too small to want to carry separately for fearing of loosing it.

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