New website theme: Material

This week I updated to a new grey+accents theme, codename material. This replaced the previous maroon theme (explodiert). Most of the site now looks very similar to the current WordPress default theme (2015), upon which it is built, albeit with some colour highlights around the main headings, as well as some custom fonts (headings are in Silkscreen and prose is in a form of Comic Neue, an attempt to make a usable version of the dreaded Comic Sans — I guess the jury’s still out on that one!). I should note that the authors of both fonts have allowed use on personal and commercial websites, so big kudos to them (I’m never clear on whether this site is “commercial” or not).

The centrepiece, however, is a new “live” homepage, which pulls together any blog posts I’ve made, local versions of some of my tweets (now including retweets), selected photos from my Google+ account and some colourful icons fromĀ  FontAwesome to add a splash of colour. In some sense the liveness of the homepage is unnecessary: much of the content is the same day-to-day, so aggressive caching is possible. But actually the API’s I’m using a stable REST API to gather blogposts, which leaves (as the only remaining thing) a quick cache for the Google+ response.

Other shoutouts to Crayon, and PHPStorm’s capability to interface with Closure.

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